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Smokers Snicket is a culinary blog founded by a group of friends who love to cook and share their recipes with the world. We are committed to creating original recipes and mouthwatering photos. This site is dedicated to the adventures in our kitchen, product reviews, and delicious, original recipes created for food lovers just like you.

There’s a story behind this delicious blog. It started as a hobby blog for some friends who love to try new smokers to make something unique. In February 2020, they started this website to share recipes with family and friends. But after a year of building it up, the site has become super successful and now features our original recipes and mouth-watering photos. We first thought about sharing our recipes on Facebook, but it’s much easier to share them here on the blog.

So, Smokers Snicket is basically the name of an online cook website. The cook, blogger, recipe developer, photographer, and author of this site are behind it!

Hi, I am Rita, the author of smokerssnicket.com.

I, with the help of my team, founded Smokers Snicket to help you cook the best product reviews and grilling recipes for your family. 
I started to smoke food when I was in high school. Back then, I’d smoke foods when I got the chance. However, I just loved the art of cooking over hot embers in the manner that our ancestors used to do. Now that I’ve gotten married and have children, it’s always fun to try out different recipes which is a great way for us to be adventuresome.