Smoked Shotgun Shells

Smoked Shotgun Shells – Smokers Snicket

Side dishes and BBQ appetizers are one of the most noticeable things on your platter. If you are looking for something unique and even more mesmerizing taste option, a shotgun shell appetizer is available to meet your craving needs.

With the choice of smoked shotgun shells, you do not have to look for further side dish options. It contains a different sweet, juicy, and, most importantly, spicy taste. Every BBQ lover will love it because of its supernatural taste.

Smoked Shotgun Shells

The shotgun shells BBQ recipe might be a different recipe that will surely light up your dining table. Meat, spices, and sausages are stuffed to bring a fantastic taste to people.

In all these terms, the most common and obvious question is how to make shotgun shells and what is the factor that makes the taste of smoked shotgun shells different and unique from all other options. We will present a helpful analysis in the section below to provide a thorough guide and instruction about such a perspective.

Let’s find out the facts in detail below;

Shotgun Shell Appetizer

Smoked shotgun shells are a next-level dining appetizer that enhances the consumers’ flavor approach. In terms of recipe and preparation, it does not contain any challenging considerations.

For the shotgun shells BBQ recipe, you need meat-stuffed pasta tubes. These meat-stuffed tubes are significant for presenting the worth of this appetizer. Thus, it has been suggested that if you are serving people with this appetizer, you must keep a balance between the time of the appetizer and the main course serving.

meat-stuffed pasta tubes

You can effectively go for the natural taste with any of the meat you like, as per your preference. In addition to the meat choice, sausages are the stuffing material that finds out and decides the overall taste.

Mix it all, and you might seek various incredible experiments with the recipe to add or extract the flavors and spices as per your taste. However, before that, you might be experts in the basic recipe for the smoked shotgun shells meat church.

Basic Requirements

To get the final and the original taste of the shotgun shells, you must consider and look for various essential factors. These factors majorly include high-quality meat and sausages for the filling.

In addition to the essential ingredients, you must be sure that the wood you are using for the preparatory phase must belong to the maple tree, apple, and, if not then hickory wood. They all play a vital role in providing an enhanced flavor to you. Certainly;

  • The smoker’s temperature should be 225 Fahrenheit to 275 Fahrenheit
  • The finishing meat temperature for it must be around 160 Fahrenheit

If you are maintaining this temperature, the approximate cooking time of the meat will be around 2.5 hours, and you will surely get your fully baked and prepared shotgun shell appetizer within only 30 minutes. The preparatory time is low because it simply involves the filling of sausages and the crisp over the bacon.

What You Need & How to Prepare?

After having the most basic overview of smoked shotgun shells meat church, we will describe its preparation method. For this, you must be sure about the ingredients and elements needed for the preparation.

For the shotgun shell appetizer, you will need the following;

  • Manicotti shells -11
  • 1lb ground sauce. It can either be hot or mild.
  • Cheddar Cheese – a block of around 8 ounces
  • Thinly sliced bacon -1lb
  • Barbecue sauce
  • Original Jeff’s rub
For the shotgun shell appetizer,

Once done with these ingredients, you are fully prepared and ready to begin the preparatory process. In terms of how to make shotgun shells, here we describe the step-by-step guide to you for easy understanding.

  1.  Cutting of Cheese

For the first and foremost step, take the cheddar cheese block and start cutting it into chunks and slices as per your preference or will. Get the best BBQ knives and cut them so they can quickly and easily be added or adjusted into the manicotti shells.

The most estimated cheese slice option for the shotgun shells BBQ recipe is ½ square inch, that is around 1 inch long. Once you are done, place the rectangular cheese slices on one side.

2. Filling of Manicotti Shells

In the next step, open the ground minced breakfast sauce and fill this sauce inside the manicotti shells. Fill the shells to around 1/3 inches in total. Do not overfill, as you have to insert the cheese cube in the manicotti shell lately.

After filling the shell to around 1/3 of the shell, insert the rectangular cheese cube inside it over the filling. Insert it with a gentle hand and ensure that the forced insertion does not break the shell. Otherwise, the shell gets wasted as the filing can not be accomplished in a precise and needed way.

Afterward, fill the remaining shell portion with the sausage. For this, press the shell inside it from the other side.

3. Bacon Wrapping

This step majorly falls for the bacon wrap. The bacon is preferable because it can be stretched and cooked quickly compared to the other competitive options available.

Overwrapping might not be found suitable. So the expert recommends that the single thin strand of the bacon be sufficient to add taste and flavor. Otherwise, your smoked shotgun shells meat church will be more enriched with bacon.

A single thin bacon strap will be enough to keep the taste balanced. Wrap the strap around the shell tightly so it won’t get loose. Once you have finished wrapping, place the shell over the baking pan with a rack.

4. Brushing the Sauces

This step includes the addition of sausages to the wrapped manicotti shells. Take out the sauces you want to use. Afterward, take a baking brush and apply the barbecue sauce over the wrapped shells. After that, sprinkle the other original seasonings over the bacon straps.

The addition of sauces will enrich the flavor of the smoked shotgun shells meat church in real terms.

5. Cooking and Smoking

The tray has been prepared with all the essential ingredients, so it is time to expose it to the baking and cooking phase.

For this, you have to arrange a smoker. As depicted above, you must maintain the smoker’s temperature at around 225 Fahrenheit. The time set up should go for approximately 2 hours.

In addition, you also have to consider a reliable mix of wood for your smoker. The combination of hickory, maple, and apple trees is the most significant.

Once the smoker is heated and prepared fully, place the tray of appetizers over the grate, and after that, close the lid for appropriate cooking.

Cooking and Smoking

Bake it at the same temperature for almost 2 hours. When the time is completed, increase the heat span to 275 Fahrenheit. This increase in temperature is adequate to make the outer layer of shells crispy.

Leave it for a further 30 minutes over the same temperature. While during this time period, brush the bacon again with barbecue sauce. This will work just for more flavor and spice in every bite.

6. Serving

This is the final serving step for the shotgun shells BBQ recipe. Remove the rack from the smoker, and let it cool to the touch. After that, place the bacon-wrapped manicotti shells over the serving platter. You can serve it with your favorite serving sauce.

The ingredients make them a bit heavy, so you have to present the wraps to the guest almost an hour or more before serving the main course.

Additional Points to Consider

In addition to all this, there are various other points available to look for. These specific points are relatively elementary to add more flavor to your shotgun shell appetizer.

  • You might add the bourbon barrel chunks to the tray using a high-edge smoker tool. These chunks will make the flavor of coal for your taste even more apparent.
  • Rather than separate filling, you can mix the sauce, cheese, and rub thoroughly. Then add it to the manicotti shell. It all depends upon the preference and choice of the people preparing it.
  • You must ensure the stuffing is end to end for better taste and flavor.
  • In addition to this, while wrapping the shell with bacon, you have to ensure that the edges are completely covered so that while preparing, the stuffing can not move out of it.
  • Afterward, you have to bake the shells till you will feel the crispiness in the upper layer of the bacon straps.
  • To make the sauce tackier, cook for 10 to 15 minutes after applying or brushing the bacon with the barbecue sauce.

The Final Statement

Overall, the shotgun shells BBQ recipe is not complicated; you have to learn the basics. Moreover, if you are looking for a different spicy, and unique outcome for the side serving, the shotgun shells appetizer would be the best option.

You will find great versatility in these smoked baked shells. This versatility all depends upon the filling and sauces you are using.

For the most comprehensive understanding. Here we have depicted the most helpful guide for your interest and preference. We hope that you have cleared up your questions related to the recipe and preparation of smoked shotgun shells.

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