How to Smoke Hot and Fast Brisket – Hot & Fast Style

You must be well aware of the classic low and slow style of cooking when it comes to brisket. But did you know that the very same brisket can be smoked quicker than it normally takes? That’s right, I am talking about hot and fast brisket!

In this article, I bring you a complete guide on how to smoke a brisket hot and fast at home. Now, don’t be dreary. Smoking brisket may sound tough but put a little trust on me, and read this one out to know what you are getting yourself into.

Smoking is often known for its low and slow cooking to transform the tough beef cuts into a tender cut. But what if I say that you can save hours of your life by switching over to hot and fast smoking and still get the tender meat? Well, proceed along and find out! But before that, let’s get to know a bit about the brisket itself.

What Is A Brisket?

Brisket is a huge chunk of beef cut obtained from the breast of the cow. Because of its location, this part of the animal is involved in locomotion a lot – making it a tougher meat. Although dealing with this cut may sound difficult, brisket comes with strong beefy flavor and that’s why this classic meat cut is almost everyone’s favorite.

Curious to know more about brisket? Read my article Brisket vs Tri Tip where I have discussed about brisket in well-deserving detail!

Can You Cook Brisket Hot And Fast?

Brisket can be smoked hot and fast. Although the majority will say to stick to the classic low and slow style, but I believe there is no harm in trying things with a little modification.

If you are still feeling skeptical about hot and fast brisket, do keep in mind that I am only writing this guide after trying it out myself. My hot and fast brisket turned out super tender and delicious. You just need to have some tricks and tips up your sleeve to make things a little easier. And luckily, I have written it down for you!

How To Smoke A Brisket Hot And Fast?

  • Preheating The Smoker

First and foremost, light up the smoker you have to 320° F. We are aiming for high temperature because that’s what hot and fast really means, right?

Speaking of high temperatures, not every smoker is capable of reaching high level of heat. The charcoal smokers are considerably better to use for smoking hot and fast brisket.

  • Preparing The Brisket

Buying a brisket is not enough. You need to prepare it accordingly to get the best result. So slap that huge chunk of brisket on your cutting board and start trimming down those fats on both sides. Just leave few patches of fats on the meat so it can melt down easily and make the brisket flavorful.

Trimming the fat is necessary. Its because the hot and fast style doesn’t give enough time to melt the fat completely.

Hot and Fast Brisket

You can also touch the fat and feel the difference. If it seems hard and solid, get rid of the fat entirely as it is inedible. And if the fat is slightly jelly-like, trim it down and leave those thin patches on it, so it can melt during smoking.

I also like to cut the sides and make the brisket even. Don’t worry, you don’t have to discard these pieces. You can use turn them into sausages or even a hamburger!

Now trace that horizontal layer of fat, found running between the flat and the point cut, with a sharp knife. Just make sure you are cutting it halfway through and not separating these two cuts. Once the fat is exposed, trim this one down as well and show no mercy!

  • Seasoning The Brisket

Once the brisket is trimmed nicely and evenly, splatter that mustard paste on both sides and the edges. I use mustard paste as a binder, however, if you’ve got your favorite binder that is different from mine, then use it wholeheartedly! As long as its not chocolate syrup, I promise to keep my judgmental thoughts to myself.

Now generously sprinkle some salt, black pepper, paprika and garlic powder on both sides of the brisket. Remember that partial cut between flat and point cut? Well, don’t forget to season it from the inside!

  • Smoking The Brisket – Hot And Fast Way

Once the seasonings are well rubbed and stayed for hours, put this lovely beast on the cooking grates of your smoker and close the lid. Add your favorite hardwood in the smoker.

I go for mild flavor wood because the briskets naturally come with strong beefy flavor – and I really don’t want my brisket’s taste to be overshadowed by some wood chunks!

After one hour, flip the brisket to the other side and wait for another hour. You are not strictly being told to abandon your brisket once it is in the smoker. Always spritz the brisket every 45 minutes, and especially when the bark looks dry to you.

Some people spritz the brisket with just water, and personally speaking, I’m not a fan of that idea. I like to dilute the apple cider vinegar with water and use it as a spritzer.

After another hour, flip the brisket again. At this point, the brisket should be looking nicely brown with edges slightly darker. This time let the brisket in there for about 40 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 170° F. You can check the temperature with the help of an internal meat probe.

  • Wrapping The Brisket

After the brisket has spent almost 3 hours in the smoker, take it out and put it on an aluminum foil. Before wrapping the brisket completely, I want you to marinate the brisket. Take beef consommé, beef broth, soy sauce and some worcestershire sauce, and mix it all well. Now wrap the foil in such a way that you keep one side open to pour the liquid we prepared.

The purpose of marinating is to keep the brisket tender as hours of smoking really puts this tough meat at the risk of dehydration.

Now that your brisket is wrapped up, place it in the tray and put it back in the smoker for another hour or until the internal temperature reaches somewhere between 198° F – 210° F.

Why Do You Wrap Hot And Fast Brisket?

The sole purpose of wrapping the brisket is to create a barrier for the remaining moisture in the brisket. Constant exposure to high temperature in the cooking chamber puts the brisket at the risk of drying up. So wrapping it in the foil hinders the evaporation process and leaves your brisket tender.

How Long Does Brisket Take When Smoked Hot And Fast?

Hot and fast brisket takes roughly around 5 hours to get done completely. I am not just talking about its duration in the smoker, but also its resting period as well.

Low and slow brisket, on the other hand, takes around 12 to 14 hours to cook. Although the flavor of hot and fast brisket is not as good as the low and slow one, it still deserves to be tried by all the BBQ lovers out there. Also, flaunting about hot and fast brisket to your friends does sound enticing, doesn’t it?

  • Resting Hot And Fast Brisket

After total 4 hours of smoking, poke the brisket with a knife or fork to see if it still resists. If it cuts like a butter, take the smoked brisket out and let it rest for another hour or so. You can also add it in the cooler to get it back to room temperature quickly.

  • Serving Brisket

Unwrap the brisket, and start cutting it into slices! Now, the flat and point cut come with noticeably different texture and flavor. Flat cut is a lean meat, while point cut is a much fattier cut. Therefore, I separate these two completely.

If you are craving for some burnt ends, take the point cut and chop it all in cubes. Drizzle your favorite BBQ sauce and put it back in the smoker to get those deliciously crispy and saucy burnt ends. Can’t wait to make those brisket bites? Our brisket burnt ends recipe should spark an interest for you!

As for the flat cut, these are best served as slices. These slices of flat brisket can be assembled on tortillas, bread and even burger buns too! So pick up the condiments wisely and serve yourself a tasty looking brisket meal.

Final Word

If your friends are on the way and you only have brisket to cook and smoke, thaw that chunk of meat and kick those worrisome thoughts out of your mind. This guide for hot and fast brisket is surely going to come handy when you are short on time. So, get your smoker smoking and your brisket prepared! And don’t forget to tell me about how your hot and fast brisket turned out to be.

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